Balance Beam

The team are faced with this conundrum: can they move the whole team across the deadly and unsafe ground using the only safe route which is a precariously balanced beam. If either end of the beam touches the ground the team’s passage will be curtailed and their escape from the zone halted. Can the team arrange themselves in way that will allow them to cross to the safety of the far side?

Ballista Build

Construct a catapult and fire at a variety of targets, with additional points on offer for the catapult which can fire the furthest.

Bomb Disposal

Can you defuse the bomb before it explodes? A 2 stage team census task consisting of clues and codes to crack.

Chemical Rescue

Presented with a deadly concoction of volatile chemicals the teams challenge is to work out a definitive sequence of moves which will render the mixture safe. Once this formula is agreed, they must then commit to the hazardous task of completing the manoeuvres without spillage and potential catastrophe.

Chemical Spillage

A chemical spill needs to be rectified. This indoor or outdoor challenge requires the team to ‘rescue’ a number of chemical flasks that have been carelessly discarded. The team has been supplied with an elaborate pulley system which will allow them to lift the toxic material to safety without them having to enter the contaminated danger zone. Due to the likelihood of a hazardous gas cloud being released when the flasks are moved, the operators of the lifting assembly are required to wear eye protection which unfortunately impairs their vision and therefore requires a brave and unprotected team member to risk all in order to advise and control their efforts. 

Concentric Rings

The situation faced by the team in this challenge is that they need to retrieve various objects from inside a restricted area. To assist the team they have been supplied with a number of items which they may use, without instruction they must design a system which can be adapted to accommodate the various shapes and sizes of the objects. Can the treasures be rescued without dropping any of them into the abyss, only true teamwork with full cooperation and support will allow a successful outcome.

Egg Launch

The brief is to design and build a construction capable of launching an egg down the range. This task encourages a team to fully cooperate, to analyse proposed ideas and solutions and eventually to agree on a course of action. Once the team has embarked on their build phase they will inevitably encounter design problems which may need further assessment and resolution to complete the task. This undertaking offers the opportunity for all team members to contribute through innovation and ‘hands on’ participation.

Human Shepherd

This communication task offers teams the opportunity to explore how we might interact and instruct without any verbal dialogue. The team need to agree with each other a code or system which will enable them to understand the instructions they are being given.

It's a Numbers Game

Designed to test and illustrate the team advantage in utilising its greater collective potential, Numbers examines the combined memory capacity and organisational abilities available. Can the team recognise this and arrange themselves in a way that will solve this memory mapping problem?

Line Up

Blindfold everyone in the group. Whisper to each person a number from one to the number of persons in the group. After you are done, tell the players they must line up by consecutive numbers without talking. Everyone should begin to move slowly around each other, putting palms up facing outward to protect themselves from collisions.

Magic Carpet

The team are on a magic carpet and flying high, however they are heading in the wrong direction. Without falling off the carpet, the team has to turn the carpet round to fly in the right direction.

Micro Dot

The team is split, 2 way radios are used to send a series of diagrams, and can the information be recorded correctly? A team challenge which requires excellent communication skills coupled with listening and interpretation skills. The team’s ability to convey visual imagery using verbal descriptions tests the ability to communicate without the usual nuances of body language that we undertake without thought.


The progress of the team is halted as they are confronted by a large grid which has been laid over an active minefield. Fortunately for the team a mine clearance squad has already crossed the area deactivating a safe path, though regrettably the markers for the route of this benign pathway have disappeared. With the mines being both pressure and audio sensitive the team must inch their way across the minefield in silence, slowly rediscovering the safe passage to the far side and finally getting the whole team across.

Musket Run

This team challenge examines the logistical supply of resources from one point to another. The team need to fully coordinate their activities to minimise the risks involved in the transportation of assets whilst avoiding the various pitfalls presented. This is especially critical where one team member needs to hand over to another, continuing the flow of the assets along the supply conduit without interruption.

Reed Bed

The task presented to the team, is to cross an area of land, with the only navigable way via stepping stones. The stones are out of normal reach and it is not known how stable they are. The team must use the limited resources available to cross the area in the quickest time.

Rope Square

The team are blindfolded and have a continual loop of rope. They have to make a perfect square.


A different take on Micro Dot using the semaphore signalling system to send words and numbers. In this team challenge a high degree of coordination and excellent communication skills are required to decipher and interoperate the messages being sent. The team’s ability to convey complex messages in concise and perhaps abbreviated formats, tests their capability to communicate without the usual nuances of elaborate language.

Spiders Web

This team challenge whilst offering some physical elements intrinsically examines the group’s organisational abilities. Faced with a problem that is resource lead can the team manage the diminishing options available to them in order to accomplish the task?

Sub Zero

Survival in extreme conditions can rely on people’s ability to pull together and work for the combined good. This challenge recreates elements of the extreme wilderness and tests the team’s ability to work under pressure in a coordinated and efficient way to ensure their wellbeing. The team need to construct a shelter, blinded by the snow and working in Sub Zero conditions against the clock to ensure their welfare.

Team Ski

This task entails team collaboration in a highly coordinated fashion, using the team skis provided. Each ski set accommodates up to five team members and they must move in unison around the course before them, overcoming various slaloms, chicanes, and other obstacles. This is a race against the clock to identify the fastest, and inevitably the best synchronised and motivated team. 

Treasure Island

The treasure is situated on an island with no safe route from dry land across. The team must design a free standing, balanced  construction which allows them to cross to the island and retrieve the treasure. 

Tug of War

Water Well

Water well incorporates 3 tasks within 1 challenge. Different strategies are required in order to complete each stage. Using limited resources the contaminant from the well must be retrieved and placed in the containment chest. The team must combine their logistical skills with careful planning and co operation whilst using their analytical skills to the maximum in order to crack the puzzle.

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