A unique approach to the standard team task. A flowing challenge made up of 7 tasks, with each one requiring differing values of the components making up the theory behind team building. The reward for completing a task, is a key element required in order to solve the next puzzle, thereby the team can only move forward once they have successfully completed each challenge. This creates a flexible solution to budget constraints, or can be expanded to provide any degree of facilitation, or provide an exciting head to head competition between teams.

What's included: 

  • Venue assistance, whether its a venue search to assist you in your requirements, or discussing our requirements with your preferred venue
  • All necessary safety equipment
  • Full equipment instruction and safety briefing
  • Professional, Experienced, friendly and trained instructors
  • Full Event Management and continuity on the day
  • Presentation and medals for individuals and the winning team
  • Duration - between 2.5 hours and a facilitated event

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