Air Rifle Shooting

Offering another alternative target sport, but which requires another level of skill. Our air rifles come standard with telescopic sights making the targets look so much closer and easier, but appearances can be deceptive. This sport is all about self discipline, larger targets are worth fewer points so control your breathing and make you choice, more points and the risk of missing, or the easier option. Our standard setup includes 2 rifles, an experienced instructor to give top tips, with practice shots and the competition element including knock down and spinning targets, exploding clays with firebirds.

Argo Kats

Another skid steer vehicle in the fleet, working as a great alternative to our standard activities. The Argo Kat is recognisable throughout the world as the vehicle to be used in serious challenging environments. A six wheel amphibious vehicle designed to do most things but a lot more comfortable and versatile and ready to entertain. Two vehicles are operated with two instructors.

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Assault Rifle Shooting

We believe Max Events is the only company in the UK that offers the experience of live firing weapons running alongside all our other activities. This opportunity is only available at our Bristol and Bournemouth locations. Using the world renowned Heckler and Kock 416 or MP5 you will have the experience of shooting at a variety of different targets including the fantastic firebird exploding target, incorporating several magazine changes to complete the experience. You will leave with a smile on your face but with an new found respect and understanding of what these weapons are capable of. A fantastic event if you're looking for something new and exciting to entertain your clients or staff.

Axe Throwing

Axe throwing takes place in Bristol, Bournemouth and Oxford. A completely different sport which requires skill and technique over power, making axe throwing a great activity for all groups. Using American tomahawks as standard, the practice session starts with one rotation of the axe, with the competition hotting up when you move back to make two complete rotations. We operate with two people throwing at a time at two stands with experienced instructors trained by the South East Axe throwing team, on hand to give the best advice.

Blind Driving

Experience the challenge of maintaining control of our 4x4 blind drive vehicle with the added confusion of a selection of back seat drivers! As if driving off road is not challenge enough, the drivers aim is to complete the course in the best time but with the disadvantage of having several co pilots providing instructions. How many controls are need, in this great communication challenge. One vehicle is provided per track.

Clay Archery

Another unique event to Max Events, as one of only a handful of companies who can offer this addictive activity. The aim is to hit a dinner sized, foam clay target out of the air with specially adapted arrows which have soft ball attached to them. It’s definitely not easy but with a minimum of 5 people firing at a time the team have a much greater chance of hitting the target. A great team challenge, which works well as an individual event, or combined with archery or as a stand alone finale

Clay Shooting

When it comes to target sports clay shooting is the ultimate. There is nothing more satisfying than ‘dusting the clay’. We operate several different target arrangements at all of of our venues, with experienced instructors to ensure you get the most out of you experience. Our standard setup is for one stand of shooting with one instructor. If you have a specific venue to host your event we just need to check the correct regulations are in place.


Crossbows offer a mix of archery and pistol shooting rolled into one. You need a steady hand as you take aim down the range. These bows have come a long way from their origins in China with much more power and range in a much smaller design, and whilst simple to use still pack a punch. Operating two shooting positions at a time, at a much smaller target than standard , it truly is a competitive event with a requirement of great hand and eye co-ordination. Our firebird targets are reactive to power and you will see the difference in the resulting explosion, but only if you can hit it!

Exploding Archery

Exploding Archery

Archery is a fantastic sport which works well as a team event. Using light weight training bows which are simple to use we operate with up to four people shooting at a time at standard targets, with experienced instructors on hand to get you hitting the target. A great competitive event we use standard scoring with an addition of strategically placed firebird targets, offering higher points but at a greater risk, or create a scrabble board target to encourage teams to get creative with points awarded for word scores.


Our hovercraft operate from our Oxford activity site. They are the same model which has been used in cross channel competitions so are more than capable over the oxfordshire countryside, but have been designed for simplicity to allow you to get to grips with controls as quickly as possible. Dependant on conditions we operate two craft on the course, designed either with slaloms, 360 turns, and skill stop boxes, or offering relay races for a head to head competition. Please be aware if looking to book for an off site venue we need to ensure the grass is cut and the land flat for optimum performance.

Human Table Football

Table football has been around for a while and is known by several names such as babyfoot or foosball, but it has not taken many years for the human sized version to become one of the most popular activities on event market. Possibly due to its versatility; it can be played indoors or out, is great as a stand alone event, within a multi activity and is great as a finale, or maybe more importantly it’s just fun. Importantly you don't need experience or an understanding of the rules, you just need enthusiasm. Enter the playing arena, attach yourself to the bar and prepare yourself for some frantic left and right action, with some yellow and red cards thrown in for foul play and some dodgy decision making from the referee.

Knife Throwing

Offering another great opportunity to make your event a little more unique. Knife throwing is not commonly available at most activity centres, but is available for a corporate event at any of our Max Events venues or at a destination of your choice. We only use specially designed knives with perfect balance for throwing. This makes it much easier to hit the target and extremely satisfying for the practice rounds. It’s then onto the competition where aim becomes the key. Our standard setup uses two targets and an instructor, trained by the south coast knife team to ensure you make the most out of the event.

Laser Clays

An exciting edition to our list of shooting activities. Our laser clay system offers a standard 5 gun set up, shooting at various simulated targets, but can be combined to operate as a 10 gun system when numbers require. With no license requirements, laser clay shooting offers all the excitement of standard clay shooting without the noise and recoil. With the added benefit of working where space is an issue, and also allowing 5 people to shoot at a time, with scores showing up immediately,creating a great competitive event. Our system can also be used indoors, ideal as an addition to any evening function, making laser clays a great competitive and fun addition to any activity, or evening event.

Off Road Buggies

Rebel buggies are one of the latest buggies on the market, designed and built in the UK. With a 600cc engine these vehicles have been built to give an ultimate off road experience, we incorporate two vehicles on our purpose built circuit with a practice and time trial competition.

Rage buggies operating from our Bournemouth and Oxford venues have long held the top spot for the best off road buggy in the Uk, only recently being equalled by the Rebel. Providing a thrilling drive with the promotion from Top Gear and many top Rally centres in the UK and Worldwide.


Powerturns offer another unique driving experience. Incorporating a simple twin stick control system, requiring similar skills to a skid steer vehicle, but with the additional disadvantage of having all the weight at the back of the vehicle resulting in pulling wheelies wherever you go around the circuit. With the capability of two people in a vehicle at a time, the mayhem is increased ten fold with each person taking a control stick. We offer 2 vehicles on a event, with times and penalties being awarded for competition purposes.

Quad Biking

Using fully automatic Polaris quads or our new Kawasaki quads in Bournemouth, you will be introduced to the skills of off road driving with a combination of slaloms, brakes tests and throttle control. Its then onto the purpose built circuit, or test your ability on the skills track, or carry out a team challenge displaying great driving skills, dexterity and manual handling!

We operate 2 vehicles on our skill or challenge courses with penalties awarded for the most mistakes, all against the clock to add that  competitive element. Where the opportunity exists we would recommend a great quad safari event especially around our Bournemouth and Oxford tracks, offering more bikes, more drive time and an unforgettable experience. Similarly in Bristol we can offer an enhanced drive around our sports track with the addition of skill sections. The choice is yours.


Our latest addition to the fleet is the Segway X2T SE, the latest innovation from the Segway team. With slight improvements to the earlier editions, there is even more fun to be had on these incredible off road machines. With some weird and wonderful gyroscopic technology the Segway remains upright on its 2 wheels and all you need to do is gently lean in the direction of travel and off you go. Segways are designed to turn on the spot, perfect to test your balance around a skills course with slaloms, 360 degree turns and precision driving. We operate 2 Segways on a standard skill track or where possible suggest a Segway safari with more vehicles to fully experience the thrill of driving these two wheeled machines in an off road environment.


Supacats are the bigger brother of the argo kat, or any other 6x6 skid steer vehicle really. Designed for military use, to get into remote centres over inhospitable terrain. Offering a mixture of skid steer and normal handlebar control, these vehicles really are something different. Unique to only a couple of centres in the UK, they will add another dimension to the day. Operating with two vehicles and 2 instructors to enhance the controls.